loft conversion

Why Do You Need Loft Conversion?

A loft conversion is a popular home improvement project that involves converting an empty top story space into a functional living area. Typically, this involves transforming not effectively used roof space into additional bedrooms, home offices, and playrooms. Loft conversions are highly required after due to their ability to add valuable living space to a home without the need for a costly extension.

The necessity for loft conversion usually stems from a desire to increase the space inside a house. As families expand or changes in lifestyle homeowners could need more spaces or living areas. Instead of going through an effort of moving into an extra property an attic conversion can be the possibility of creating additional space in the house. In addition, turning the attic into a usable space could significantly improve its value the home which makes it a good investment for homeowners who want to increase the value of their house.

When considering a loft conversion, one main concerns for homeowners is the cost involved. The loft conversion cost can differ depending on several factors, including the size and layout of the loft, the complexity of the conversion, and the quality of materials and finishes used. The cost of a loft conversion typically contains several key incidentals, such as structural alterations, roofing, windows, and insulation.


The client name John, located at EN2 7RR John approached as in order to seek planning permission & we delivered their project within 7 days.
Problem The client sought to enhance their terraced housing, proposing an outbuilding, loft conversion, and front and rear extensions. Yet, securing approval for these alterations posed a potential challenge, given the complexities of terraced properties with shared walls and limited space.
Solution Prioritize scopes, submit separate applications, engage authorities, consider timeline to simplify and increase approval chances. This approach reduces complexity, ensures compliance, and enhances project success.


Process of online consultation are:

  • Contact
  • Query received
  • Query analyze
  • Query solved

The guidance covers neighborhood analysis, house planning history, planning restrictions, and proposal size. These elements guide decisions, ensuring compliance with regulations and fitting the neighborhood context.

  • Neighborhood analysis and discussion
  • House planning history
  • Planning restrictions
  • Size of the proposal

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