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Submit Your Building Regulations Application & Get Building Regulations Compliance Certificate in Uk

Looking to navigate the complications of building regulations in the UK? Look no further than PLANSING. We expert in structuring the process of winning your Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. Our team accurately gathers all compulsory documents, including architectural drawings, structural calculations, and other relevant paperwork. Once all documents are in order, we submit your application for Building Regulations Approval to the relevant local authority or official inspector. Upon application approval, the local authority or approved inspector may conduct on-site inspections at various stages during the construction. Once the construction work is finished and considered compliant with building regulations, the local authority or approved inspector issues the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.

Our inclusive service covers all aspects, from building regulations approved documents to building regulation drawings, ensuring compliance with part M building regulations and building regulations part k. With PLANSING, you can rest assured knowing your project is in capable hands.


Structural Calculation: Connection Design
  • • Timber Beams
  • • Steel Beams
  • •Concrete Elements
  • • Beam-to-Column Connections
  • • Column Base Connections
Foundation Design Roof Truss Analysis
  • • Shallow Foundations
  • • Deep Foundations
  • • Structural Integrity Assessment
  • • Load Distribution Analysis
  • • Design Optimization
Reinforcement Detailing Load-Bearing Wall Design


Dealing with UK building regulations has never been easier. At PLANSING, we streamline the process, from detailed documentation, including detailed building regulation drawings, to meet the standards of Part M and Part K regulations. Our expert team ensures instant approvals, keeping your project on track with these stringent requirements, guaranteeing accessibility and structural safety. Let us handle your building regulations application for hassle-free submission.

  • Customized reports and analysis
  • Superior Quality Results
  • Structural integrity optimization
  • Expert engineering guidance
  • Reliable calculation solutions
  • Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction


  • What is needed for building regulations?

    To fulfill with UK building regulations, you’ll need a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate, complete regulatory drawings, and comprehensive documentation. Ensure convenience with Part M compliance and prioritize safety and security with devotion to Part K standards.

  • How do I get a copy of my building regulations certificate in UK?

    To acquire a copy of your Building Regulations Compliance Certificate in the UK, contact the local authority or approved inspector who supervised your project. Submit a formal request, providing project details and any necessary documentation. Upon verification, they will provide you with a copy of the certificate for your records.

  • What are building regulations certificates?

    Building Regulations Compliance Certificates in the UK are official papers issued to confirm that a construction project fulfills with all relevant building regulations. These certificates serve as proof that the building work meets specified safety, building regulation drawings, accessibility, and structural standards set forth by local authorities or approved inspectors.

  • Can I sell my house without building regulations certificate?

    In the UK, you can sell your house without a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate, but it may affect the sale process. Potential buyers may request documentation to verify that any renovations or extensions comply with building regulations.


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